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Our APIs provide a programmatic way for web developers to access a wide variety of features that are required by most modern websites. Nevertheless, if you are not a programmer, you can still log in on the dashboard and perform any of the features provided by the API through the user interface.



Programmatically send SMS text messages to cellphone numbers in as many as 212 different countries.

  • Most Countries Supported
  • Successful Sending Output
  • R 0.40 /credit
Documentation More Info

Currency API

Get Forex and Crypto exchange rates in realtime! Our rates are updated at least once a minute.

  • FIAT & Crypto Support
  • Updated Every Minute
  • R 0.02 /credit
Documentation More Info


Look up any domain name's availability and if already registered, view the full WhoIs record.

  • All Extensions Supported
  • Structured Output
  • R 1.00 /credit
Documentation More Info

Geolocation API

Find an IP's location as well as additional information like threat level, crawler status, and much more!

  • Exact IP Location
  • IP Details Included
  • R 0.05 /credit
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Frequently Asked Questions

API is short for "Application Programming Interface". It is a means by which two systems can communicate with each other. In the case of CompleteAPI.com, our APIs return data in the JSON Format, which is a format understood by most programming languages.

Below is an example of a JSON Response returned from our API.

{ "api": "CompleteAPI.com Version 1.0", "status": "success", "creditsUsed": 1, "creditsRemaining": 815 }

JSON is therefore simply a way to structure data that can easily be accessed by most systems. Whether you use PHP or Java or just about any other language, it will most likely have some sort of built-in mechanism by which you can fetch and consume JSON Data. JSON is widely supported and easy to work with!

You can currently make payment using:

  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, Ripple/XRP and Litecoin/LTC)

No, you do not!

Although we focus on providing a world-class API that programmers will find especially useful, all the features offered by the API is also offered through our website's backend. Whether you need to look up an IP address, or Send an SMS, or any of the other features we offer, you will be able to do all of it through an easy-to-use interface that requires no programming knowledge.

No, we do not currently offer any modules for any CMS's. We intend to release a PHP Library that will make using the API significantly easier but we currently do not have a release date as yet.

In the meantime, it is recommended to integrate your applications directly with your own applications.

If you want to buy a large amount of credit (more than 20 000 ZAR / 1200 USD) then please contact us.

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