Geolocation API

Find an IP's location as well as additional information like threat level, crawler status, and much more!

    "api": " Version 1.0",
    "status": "success",
    "creditsUsed": 1,
    "creditsRemaining": 815,
    "ip": "",
    "geo_id": 1004599,
    "latitude": -26.1366000000000013869794202037155628204345703125,
    "longitude": 27.939499999999998891553332214243710041046142578125,
    "continentCode": "AF",
    "continentName": "Africa",
    "countryCode": "ZA",
    "countryName": "South Africa",
    "isEuMember": false,
    "stateProvince": "Gauteng",
    "city": "Randburg (Fairland)",
    "zipCode": "2032",
    "district": "City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality",
    "currencyCode": "ZAR",
    "currencyName": "Rand",
    "phonePrefix": "27",
    "languages": [
    "gmtOffset": 2,
    "timeZone": "Africa\/Johannesburg",
    "record_age": 33143316

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Geolocation API provides detailed information on an IP address. This is usually needed to redirect a client based on their origin. Other uses include:

  • Identifying the location of website visitors
  • Identifying threat levels so as to block malicious IPs
  • Enforcing geographic restrictions on web content

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