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Geolocation API

Geolocation API

Find out exactly where an IP address originates from.

Know your visitors before they even sign in and customize their experience based on country, state, language, currency or connection speed. Implement geographic restrictions for your sensitive content or improve your ad targeting.


R 50.00 for 50000 lookup

Getting Started

Sample Request:


Sample Response:

  status: "success",
  creditsUsed: 1,
  creditsRemaining: 9999,
  ipAddress: "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx",
  continentCode: "NA",
  continentName: "North America",
  countryCode: "US",
  countryName: "United States",
  isEuMember: false,
  currencyCode: "USD",
  currencyName: "Dollar",
  phonePrefix: "1",
  languages: [
  stateProv: "New York",
  city: "New York",
  geonameId: 5128581,
  zipCode: "10123",
  latitude: 40.7128,
  longitude: -74.0059,
  gmtOffset: -4,
  timeZone: "America/New_York",
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