1. Geolocation API

a. What is this API used for?

To get detailed information on an IP Address.

b. How do I call this API?

You can call the API as follows:[api_key]/geolocate/[ip]

A typical JSON Response would look as follows:

  api: "",
  api_version: "1.1",
  status: "",
  errors: [ ],
  success: false,
  credit_used: 1,
  credit_remaining: 813,
  ipAddress: "",
  continentCode: "AF",
  continentName: "Africa",
  countryCode: "ZA",
  countryName: "South Africa",
  isEuMember: false,
  currencyCode: "ZAR",
  currencyName: "Rand",
  phonePrefix: "27",
  languages: [
  stateProvCode: "GP",
  stateProv: "Gauteng",
  district: "City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality",
  city: "Randburg (Fairland)",
  geonameId: 1004599,
  zipCode: "2032",
  latitude: -26.1366,
  longitude: 27.9395,
  gmtOffset: 2,
  timeZone: "Africa/Johannesburg",
  weatherCode: "SFXX5770",
  asNumber: 37276,
  asName: "VOFFICE",
  isp: "Sonic Wifi",
  linkType: "wireless",
  usageType: "consumer",
  isCrawler: false,
  isProxy: false,
  threatLevel: "low"