General API Documentation

1. General API

a. What is this API used for?

The primary use of this call would be to get your credit balances or to see if our system is online. This API is free to use.

b. How do I call this API?

You can call the API as follows:[api_key]/info

A typical JSON Response would look as follows:

  api: "",
  api_version: "1.1",
  status: "success",
  errors: [ ],
  success: true,
  sms_credit_remaining: 458.6,
  geolocate_credits_remaining: 814,
  whois_credits_remaining: 4977,
  currency_credits_remaining: 98,
  server_timestamp: 1625157652,
  server_date_time: "2021-07-01T16:40:52+00:00",
  your_ip: "123.456.789.987",
  random_quote: "It is never too late to be what you might have been.",
  random_quote_author: "George Eliot"